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Support, Support, Support
As a gestalt psychotherapist working with people who are facing challenges in life, I am likely to have “support” in mind in some way. One way of framing support is to think of it as resources within ourselves or the environment, that help us stay well in life and negotiate challenge. What is supportive is […]
Depression – an encounter with life
Depression, the word itself seems descriptive of the experience it portrays. I think of depression as a lessening or lowering of life energy. Looking at the words, “press” and “on” in the word depression, I think of a pushing down, a pushing down of this “life energy”. Other words and descriptors that come to mind […]
Anxiety – managing and moving through
Anxiety is a common yet regularly debilitating experience that human beings live with day-to-day. As with feelings and emotional responses generally, anxiety serves an important purpose in the human condition. It is part of our “early warning system”, a response that tells us there is potentially danger in the environment and that allows us to […]

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